Winner of Seven Awards at THC Championship

DENVER, CO – October 9, 2018 – Coda Signature, a leading manufacturer of premium, cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates for medicinal and adult-use, was recognized with seven awards at HC Magazine’s 7th annual THC Championship last week. In just ten quarters in the market, the company has earned 13 industry awards for excellence across its portfolio of cannabis-infused products.

The THC Championship is an annual award program created by HC Magazine to recognize the leading products and companies in the cannabis community in Colorado. “We founded the THC Championship with the sole purpose of creating a completely unbiased competition. Consumer judges choose the winners based on which products create the best overall experience,” commented HC Magazine’s founder, David Maddalena. “The people just confirmed what we already knew, that Coda Signature is one of the leaders in the highly competitive infused product division of the cannabis industry.”

Recognition across all three product categories – edibles, topicals and concentrates

Coda Signature won four awards for its edibles including 1st Place in the recreational category for its Caramel & Corn chocolate bar. The company took home two awards for medical edibles with its Cream & Crumble and Maple & Pecan chocolate bars and one award in the CBD category for its Snap & Spice chocolate bar. Director of Edibles, Lauren Gockley commented, “When we began this journey, our vision was to create a brand in the market known for cultivating unique, consistent, and memorable experiences. We are honored that the judges of the THC Championship recognized our efforts with these awards.”

The company’s luxury topical line won 1st Place in the topical and transdermal category for its Symphony Bath Bombs and 2nd Place and the Connoisseur Award for its Restore Skin Salve. “We are so excited to be recognized for our hard work and focus on bringing beautiful and innovative products to market,” commented Manager of Topicals, Jennifer Shelbo, “These awards are firsts for the topicals team and we are truly thankful to the community for their support.”

The company produces its own CO2 extracted cannabis oil for its edibles and topicals. In addition, Coda Signature makes vape cartridges for medicinal and adult use. The company won 2nd Place for its Amnesia Haze recreational vape cartridge. “Wow. It’s amazing to be recognized for our concentrates. We select strains that are true to their category and focus on bringing exceptional flavors by reintroducing the terpenes into each batch. We are beyond thrilled to have won this award,” explained David Hand, Manager of Concentrates.

“All of us at Coda Signature are overwhelmed by the recognition,” commented Coda Signature President and Co-Founder, Elizabeth Cooke. “Our mission is to craft exceptional products for both the adult-use and medicinal markets. Our team is focused on every detail from sourcing the best ingredients to designing amazing packaging to supporting the dispensaries on the front lines. We love what we do and are thrilled the judges do as well.”

Coda Signature CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Grindeland concluded, “As we look to launch our brand in California early next year, the industry recognition gives us confidence that the brand we are building on a national scale is relevant and exciting to the market. It’s an amazing time to be in this industry and we are truly grateful for the support from the industry, the dispensaries, and our consumers.”


About Coda Signature

Coda Signature crafts premium cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates for medicinal and adult-use markets. Recognized as a leading innovator in product development, Coda Signature features bold flavor combinations and rejuvenating formulas made from only the highest-quality, natural ingredients. Founded in 2015, the company’s award-winning products are currently available in over 600 dispensaries across Colorado and will be coming to California in early 2019. To learn more, visit