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Questions about our edibles

We don’t want our customers guessing what is right for him/her so we clearly display the THC content in milligrams on every package. If you are new to edibles, we recommend starting small. That’s a half piece of chocolate or half a truffle. You can save the other half for later or share it with a friend. Tolerance levels differ between people and we want to be sure you have a great experience from the beginning.

Consistency is very important to us and we work closely with third party testing facilities to ensure that our dosing is clearly marked and easy to understand. We want to ensure that every experience our customers have with our products is consistent and enjoyable.

Coda Signature is a premium infused products company. Our facilities are designed to craft only infused products.

Some key factors are as follows; Cannabinoid makeup, terpenes, the metabolism of the individual consuming, blood pressure, genetic makeup, delivery method, etc.

Each piece of Coda Signature chocolate starts with ethically sourced cacao. The cacao beans can be traced to specific regions of South America. Each of our chocolate varieties brings its own flavor and character – reflecting an individual regions’ climate, traditions and environment. We use whole spices and the freshest ingredients imparting deep and intense flavors that blend perfectly with our cannabis oil.

We use a blend of Sativa and Indica strains for our edibles to achieve a balanced and consistent effect.

Under products, we have a filter so you can see which products are available for Recreational use and which are available for Medical use.

Our products are available for recreational and medicinal use in over 600 dispensaries across Colorado.

Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, we are unable to mail or ship our products.

Questions about Coda Signature

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We are the manufacturer of all Coda Signature products. The pricing is left up to our dispensary partners and varies based on location.

We’re always looking for ways to make our products available to a wider audience, to inquire please contact