Before summer slips into fall, cool yourself down with these three Coda Signature inspired sweets. Whether roasting a marshmallow over the fire with friends or indulging on a cold ice cream sandwich on a hot day, these are the moments throughout summer that create memories.

Cinnamon S’Mores

Simply replace a plain chocolate with a square (10 mg of THC for 1 serving) of Coffee & Doughnuts. Top the cinnamon dusted chocolate with a golden toasted marshmallow and sandwich together with cinnamon graham crackers.

Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich

Take 2 gooey chocolate chip cookies, add a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and 1 square (10 mg of THC for 1 serving) of crunchy Caramel & Corn for a fun twist on this classic.

Vanilla Pecan Milkshake

Personalize a milkshake by adding a chocolate square (10 mg of THC for 1 serving) Maple & Pecan. Pour in milk, vanilla ice cream, chocolate square, and pecans as desired and blend with a food processor or blender. Top with toasted chopped pecans.